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Meet Videoctopus

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Like an octopus, Videoctopus has three hearts: producing, shooting and editing. This means we can take your project from the very first stages of development, all the way through to the final cut. Or, we can jump in at any point along the way.

Also like an octopus, Videoctopus has eight arms: documentary, branded content, music & performance, events & talks, public sector, promo & commercial, corporate and social good.

Whatever your vision, we can help you realise it. Whatever your story, we can help you tell it.

Who are Videoctopus?

Most of the work completed by Videoctopus is done by Cambridge based videographer, Ryan Chapman. You can read more about him on his personal website, here.

But Videoctopus isn't only Ryan. The 'we' also includes a number of trusted freelancers from around the UK. If there are aspects of a production that sit outside of Ryan's skillset, or if there are any niche requirements, these freelancers are only a phone call away. They include a motion graphics designer, drone pilot and translator. And they're all trusted to deliver.

Where are Videoctopus based?

Videoctopus HQ is just outside of Cambridge and a lot of our work is between Cambridge and London. But we also travel around the UK and, in normal times, the world.

Ryan has followed stories and subjects to over twenty countries across five continents. From favela evictions in Brazil to Shaolin monks in China; from high fashion in Milan to high altitude in the Alps.

Why Videoctopus?

Videoctopus fills a gap. At one end of the scale you can pay somebody on People Per Hour a few hundred quid to turn up with a camera and knock-up an edit in iMovie. On the other end, you can pay a high five-figure sum to an agency where over a dozen people might have a hand in the production.

Both of these extremes are perfectly valid, but sometimes you might want something in the middle. And that's where Videoctopus comes in.

Videoctopus is the smart choice for delivering quality video productions, without the eye-watering invoice. Get in touch to find out how we can help you!

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